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Hose Clamp
Metal Clip
Auto Parts
Diverse Kinds of Hose Clamps: We provide push-lock hose clamps,threaded hose clamps,
and special hose clamps for auto fuel pipes and air/wind pip.

About Yang Fung
Yang Fung Enterprise Co.,Ltd. is established in 1987, we are a very traditional family factory patterns. From the first generation to use a small punch in the home, then expanding to 100 ping(=3600 square feet ) factories , Several professional molding machines, mold is designed and developed professionally, without outside committee, we keep the attitude for servicing customer, hope to savings cost for our customers and create greater business opportunities.

Services items
Hose clamps, banding, architectural hardware, terminals, lamp holder, hardware, building materials and hardware, Pipe clip, lamps, clip, clip, auto parts, curtain hardware, light clip, hardware Clip, light steel frame clip, hose clamps, and we offer the products professionally that board forming multi-angle–general punch cant not form for one time, we can do precision molding products, the benefits is that can save process costs and control stability.


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